Where are you located?

I am based out of Dallas, Texas. Depending on my availability, I can travel to a client or the client can travel me (plus pricing is based on that as well.) Now, due to me being a full time student and school being my number one priority, traveling outside of Texas is somewhat limited as of right now. I can possibly make accommodations to travel if I'm notified ahead of time.

What are the requirements for booking mint + blush artistry?

50% non refundable retainer fee
Completed and signed client welcome packet that includes a client questionnaire and service agreement contract
A $500 wedding day package minimum for WEEKEND weddings (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday)

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND brides to book their makeup artist at least 6 months before their wedding and after a trial consultation has been performed.

The non refundable retainer must be paid within 48 hours of your inquiry or trial consultation, otherwise your invoice will be cancelled. The client will have to reach back out to me via email to be invoiced again.

The sooner you book your date the better. I do not hold dates based on inquiries showing interest. Your date is not booked in my calendar until I receive your retainer fee and client welcome packet.

What is a trial consultation?

A trial consultation is a preview session for the bride and makeup artist to test our wedding makeup and/or hair looks for the wedding day. A typical trial session will take up to 2 hours depending on how many looks you would like to try. They’re IMPORTANT because I want to make sure that the bride and I have a clear understanding on what kind of wedding makeup and/or hair you wish to wear on your wedding day.

I recommend scheduling a trial consultation on the day that you’re doing engagement/bridal photos. Trials are not limited to just brides.

Are you a hairstylist? Am I able to hire you to do both hair and makeup?

No I am not. My specialty is makeup artistry. Here in the state of Texas, you have to be a licensed cosmetologist in order to do hair and for me to be able to be compensated for it.

Am I able to do hair? I am not a trained hairstylist but have learned simple hairstyling techniques as I sometimes had to do hair and makeup for past editorial shoots when a hairstylist wasn’t available. I do have amazing hairstylist friends/colleagues I can recommend to clients.

Seeing as how time consuming doing both hair and makeup is for just one person (just imagine doing it for multiple people), my preference is to just stick to makeup.

Are you self-taught or certified?
I have taught myself everything about makeup application and I do not have formal training from a school. I do plan on getting certified after I graduate from UNT just for my own personal benefit, preferably from CMC Makeup School here in Dallas and possibly attending Paul Mitchell to become a certified esthetician.

How long have you been a makeup artist?
I started pursuing the career path back in 2010 but didn’t start freelancing until a year later.

Do you offer individual and/or group makeup lessons?
As of right now, no. It is in the works and as soon as I get everything situated as far as how I would like to conduct lessons, I will make an announcement about it via social media along with other additional services I plan to add on my menu. So make sure you’re following me on social media to stay updated!

Survivor Glam Squad

What if my place of business is interested in hosting an event for Survivor Glam Squad?
If you are interested, feel free to contact me! I would prefer interested parties to contact me at least 2 1/2 - 3 months prior to when you would like to host the event so we can plan accordingly.

I'm interested in being a sponsor/donating products for goodie bags for an upcoming makeover event, what is the process of becoming a sponsor?
You can request to get a sponsorship/donation packet sent to your email that must be returned to me and filled out via mail or email. All the information regarding event details, kinds of donations we accept, application due date, etc., is all listed in the packet. Of course, if you have additional questions, you're more than welcome to reach out to me.

Are sponsorships/donations tax exempt?
Yes they are! After the event is over with you, you will get a confirmation/thank you letter stating what you donated for the event along with Survivor Glam Squad's tax ID number included.

I am interested in hosting a fundraiser event for Survivor Glam Squad, does the organization also host fundraiser events?
Yes! I would have to get the fundraiser approved by first before I am allowed to coordinate one. Feel free to contact me & share your ideas.