2015 Vision Board

Even though this is considered a "beauty blog" where not only I share my love of makeup with my readers and showcase my art form, I do have plans on where I want to go with Makeup By Shawnee as far as expanding that I would love to share throughout my blog. Plus I'm the type of person who loves talking about any career/lifestyle plans that I have in mind just like any other goal/career oriented individual. & this week's blog posts I will be sharing my goals with yall, including my updated 101 in 100 list. 

This year, I decided to create a vision board for Makeup By Shawnee and what I want to accomplish in 2015. I love writing down any ideas that come to mind, and I needed to organize them. What better way to do it than a good ol' vision board. I'm lazy and didn't feel like being all arts + craftsy with cutting pictures out, pasting them on a poster board, etc, so I just created a digital collage to showcase what I want my 2015 to be all about. This is the visual version of my expansion plan that I've been working on during my Winter Break. 

1. Have a home studio and home office. 
After I eventually graduate from UNT in another 10 years *sarcastic voice*, I would love to experience the work/live lifestyle in the Downtown Dallas area by living in a spacious loft. Lofts were made for us creative individuals who want that luxury of getting work done in their loft, but at the same time if we need to take a break, we can easily step away until it's time to do more work again. I volunteered for The Swoon Event early last year and it took place at South Side on Lamar. After I was done volunteering, I decided to go check out SSOL and see what kind of floor plans they have. When I tell you that I fell head over heels for SSOL, that's exactly what I meant! I toured the complex alongside 2 floor plans, lemme tell me I got sooo excited seeing these floor plans in person. They're hella spacious, closet space is ON POINT, nice appliances, the list goes on. I instantly felt at home. I wouldn't mind having clients come visit me at my home studio and with the bigger space, I can definitely offer additional services to clients and even do in studio photo shoots with my other creative colleagues/friends. For the amount of space you get, their pricing is reasonable. I'm not about that "let's pay $1400 for 800 square feet" life. Yall can have that. I need to do whatever it is necessary to make sure Makeup By Shawnee is based here. I have other lofts that I wanna check out, but South Side on Lamar is my absolute first choice! I've also visited Trinity Loft because their work/live floor plan is PERFECT for me, but way out of my price range unfortunately which broke my heart so much :( On the flipside, I wouldn't mind getting a loft in Deep Ellum as well. That area is known for having industrial lofts for creatives and small business owners, and that area is very pedestrian friendly. 

I'm also all about having a cute office space to check emails, plan photo shoots, and get other administrative work done at. If you have a work space that reflects your personality and brand, I feel like it increases your productivity levels. I love office decor, desktop accessories, stationery, I LOVE IT ALL. 

Having a home makeup studio is the ULTIMATE GOAL & it's something I'm not expecting myself to have in 2015 since I'm still in school and I have tentative plans to move back to Denton to finish off my senior year there. 

2. Get a job as a freelance makeup artist with MUFE or Stila. 
I have always wanted to work for a cosmetic company as a freelance makeup artist, MUFE and Stila are my top 2 choices so far. Of course, I don't plan on making makeup artistry a primary career (otherwise I wouldn't be attending UNT right now to work on my other talent which is event/wedding planning), but it'll be good to have those credentials on my resume.

3. Get a suite with Carolina at Sola Salon Studios. 
My hairstylist friend Carolina told me about a new salon suite that was opening on Lemmon + Douglas in Dallas (Lemmon/Douglas Court), so I did my research on it and I loved what I saw. I decided to go check out the new location on Carolina's behalf on my day off from school, since she couldn't join me. I spoke with Amber who is the leasing agent for that location and she gave me a tour of the whole facility along with one of the suites. I loved it and as far as I know, Carolina does as well. The rent is pretty reasonable for the price, amenities, and space. Sola Salon Studios is bigger than the last suite we were at (it got pretty crowded having 3 people share 1 suite, then imagine all 3 of us having clients at the same time), and there is enough space for us to have a small couch so clients can even sit inside while they wait. Plus Gloria's is right next door, so you know what that mean. You know I'm about having my margaritas, black bean dip, and queso after a long day. I hope we are able to get a suite together again either during the summer or the beginning of August. I'll consider SSS the "stepping stone" to me developing my brand and eventually having a loft studio to expand Makeup By Shawnee. But for now I have to start small.

4. Get a customized logo for Makeup By Shawnee.  
I really do need to get a logo made this year. I've put it off long enough and I need to get it over with already. I already have my website, professional email, and the last thing I need is a logo so I can start working on getting marketing/advertising materials. I'm currently using a logo that I created using a design app. The one I have in mind that I love, I would need a brand development professional to bring to life for me. I included in my vision board the 2 colors I want incorporated in my logo (in case you couldn't tell that hot pink and mint are my favorite colors. 

5. Coordinate additional events for Survivor Glam Squad
I've been a Survivor Glam Squad Ambassador for over a year already, and I love coordinating beauty events. I haven't had much luck with having makeover events last year due to bad communication so I hope this year I can do more than 2 events. I would love to expand Survivor Glam Squad this year by hosting fundraisers and if it is possible, host a fashion show for cancer survivors to participate in. It's definitely something I will bring to light to Keely when the time comes, but for now I will focus on getting SGS more exposure here in Dallas and the surrounding areas. 

I'm so excited for this year and I hope there are others who are making career plans for 2015. Leave me a comment and share your ideas with me, I would love to hear what my readers are working on this year. It makes me excited to hear motivated individuals talk about their plans without getting shot down by people who "just don't get it". Trust me I know that feeling and it sucks, you don't need that kind of negativity in your life. 

Wednesday's post, I will be presenting my UPDATED 101 in 1001 days list that I posted last year. 

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