101 in 1001 List

I was inspired by the lovely owner of Design Darling Mackenzie Horan to do a 101 things in 1001 days list. It's basically a list of short term goals, long term goals, & fun stuff I hope to accomplish during this time frame. I love writing lists to begin with so this is pretty much a MASTER to do list for me. I feel like if I have everything I want to accomplish in writing, there's a better chance that I will actually do it and I can hold myself accountable for handling my business. I will definitely update everybody with my progress via social media (mainly Instagram and Twitter) My items in bold are the ones that I've accomplished, enjoy!

Start Date: April 15, 2014
End Date: January 11, 2017

(January 11th is Capricorn season and my 26th birthday will be 7 days away, ahhhh!)

1. Get 5 friends to write their own list.
Dionella (April 2014) ; her list deadline falls on my 26th birthday!
2. Throw a dinner party.
3. Purchase a luggage set.
4. Buy a MacBook Pro and a MAC 27'' desktop.
5. Do Yoga and Pilates throughout the week.
6. Send snail mail to friends and get at least 5 pen pals.
7. Buy 3 pairs of Nike Free running shoes.
8. Buy 10 dresses - I need to be more feminine sometimes.
9. Put $10 in savings for every goal accomplished.
10. Go one month without online shopping - this will be my biggest struggle.
11. Volunteer for an animal shelter.
12. Adopt a Shih Tzu and name her Lumpy Space Princess.
13.  Host a fundraiser and donate proceeds to an animal shelter.
14. Plan 2 more events for Survivor Glam Squad.
15. Buy 10 scarves.
16. Get back to playing volleyball more consistently.
17. Start going to sleep at 11pm for 2 weeks straight.
18. Apply to be a RAW Artist.
19. Stop procrastinating and get my driver's license.
20. Learn Spanish and become bilingual.
21. Find the perfect nude lipstick and lip gloss.
22. Revise personal savings list and come up with a savings plan.
23. Help a friend invest in their dreams.
24. No Starbucks for 2 weeks.
25. Buy a car ; preferably a Nissan Versa Note.

26. Become a MUA for a major cosmetic company.
27. Attend the Makeup Show at the Hyatt Regency Dallas.
28. Launch website - Makeup By Shawnee.
29. Finish makeup portfolio.
30. Establish an editorial calendar for the blog and be consistent with blog posts.
31. Join at least 2 professional organizations dedicated to event industry professionals.
ISES Dallas Chapter Student Member. (April 2014)
32. Develop a marketing/promotions plan.
33. Get a logo made.
34. Learn how to use Photoshop.
35. Learn how to use In Design.
36. Save money towards opening a bridal boutique.
37. Become a certified event planner with WEI, ISES, Special Event Institute, and AACWP.
38. Collaborate with a brand development professional to work on my brand.
39. Compose a mini business plan for a home based event planning business.
40. Finish a media kit.
41. Upgrade to professional account on Wedding Wire.
42. Revise contracts, client questionnaires, and invoices.
43. Revamp wedding planning forms.
44. Create wedding planning packages.
45. Compose a list of blog topics. (April 2014)
46. Build up my clientele.
47. Create a wedding planning portfolio.
48. Purchase a smaller rolling makeup case.
49. Purchase ZUCA Artist backpack.
50. Read a book on public relations and marketing.
51. Do a promo shoot for the website.
52. Revamp business cards.
53. Purchase Glamcor Classic Elite Light Kit.
54. Purchase a director's chair.
55. Finish building hairstyling kit.
56. Purchase TEMPTU airbrush compressor.

57. Move into first apartment.
58. Create home makeup studio and home office.
59. Start a home based event and wedding planning business.
60. Network with more industry professionals.
61. Do 6 styled wedding shoots.
62. Coordinate 5 look book shoots.
63. Stay in a hotel for the weekend in the area.
64. Enjoy the nightlife scene in Deep Ellum.
65. Explore Downtown Dallas with friends.
66. Hangout at Sip Stir Cafe.
67. Explore more restaurants in Dallas.
68. Earn a professional discount for the following companies:
Bdellium Tools (May 2014)
TEMPTU (June 2014) 

69. Get an internship with an event planning company.
70. Get an internship with a bridal boutique.
71. Graduate with honors.
72. Join a sorority.
73. Do homework every day for 2 weeks.
74. Earn a Visual Merchandising Assistant certificate from El Centro College.
75. Post Graduation - go back to school and earn 2 associate degrees:
Fashion Marketing
Advertising and Public Relations
76. Become a certified makeup artist.

Just For Fun
77. Read Little House on the Prairie book series.
78. Find my signature scent.
79. Take a calligraphy class.
80. Get nails and toes done in a color other than pink.
81. Take a floral design class.
82. Host a beauty giveaway.
83. Get makeup done professionally.
84. Take a makeup lesson class with Marilona Makeovers.
85. Send spontaneous care packages to friends.
86. Splurge on customized stationery.
87. Get my first tattoo.
88. In continuation with #87, start working on a half sleeve on my right arm.
89. Fill up a second brush belt with makeup brushes.
90. Purchase a Michael Kors watch.
91. Spend the day at a spa.
92. Send 10 friends $20 Starbucks gift cards.
93. Rekindle with friends I haven't seen in a while.
94. Be a photographer for a shoot.
95. Go to Sunday brunch with a friend.
96. Take photography classes.
97. Purchase lingerie.
98. Get eyebrows done by Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Studio in Nordstrom.
99. Purchase an Edible Arrangement for myself.
100. Work on blogging at a different Starbucks location (West Village).
101. Post a new makeup look on the blog every week for a month.

Shawnee Leonard

PO Box 131916, Dallas, TX 75313

makeup artist, emerging wedding planning, creative director, & college student residing in Dallas, Texas.